Lucas the Traveling Crab

Lucas the Traveling Crab

ISBN: 098262560X

ISBN 13: 9780982625606

Publication Date: April 01, 2010

Publisher: Dsr Books

Pages: 40

Format: Paperback

Authors: David S. Rawding, Mohammad Qovaizi, Danny Evarts

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Lucas the Traveling Crab Lucas, a European Green Crab, is happy and content living among the tide pools of the New England coast. He and his friends Sam Shrimp, Rick Rockfish, and Betty Bluefish love to play games. Their favorite game being hide-and-go-seaweed. One day fate, literally steps in, and Lucas is taken from his beloved home. Lucas, whose great-great-great-grandcrab parents had been explorers, learns all about the adventure of traveling to new places. As Lucas journeys home, he learns some very important lessons and meets new friends.

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