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After four years in business, I’ve learned a few bits of wisdom that I will stand by forever. If you’re wondering whether we’re a good fit, see if you agree with me on these points. If you do, we’re probably pretty compatible and can work well together. If you don’t, I may be able to offer suggestions of designers with styles better suited to your needs.

Simplicity wins. Every. Single. Time. My style is simplistic and understated. While I love color and whimsy, I believe in my heart that logos should be both simple and beautiful. That should not be translated to read dull and boring. The most sophisticated brands are represented by simple logos. Think Kate Spade, Tiffany & Co., or Apple. Their logos are simple, but their brands are luxurious. A designer did not just type out a word on paper and say “here you go, Ms. Spade!” In fact, often times simplicity requires more thought than complexity. It requires tough decisions to be made during the design process and the elimination of everything extra until only the most critical and essential core of the brand remains.

Design is a critical aspect of your business brand. Imagine this:

The love of your life wants to surprise you with something special for your anniversary. He knew you had your eye on a bracelet at Tiffany’s, because you have super sophisticated style like that. He decides to buy the bracelet and give it to you the morning of the celebration. Your stomach flutters as he tells you in his super deep, sexy voice I have something special for you.

He reaches into his coat pocket, and pulls out…

A Walmart grocery bag.

Your mind is racing. You wonder why you married him and if you’re being punked. You think Ashton Kutcher might jump out of the closet at any moment. You begin to question the relationship as you fake a surprised-in-a-good-way smile.

You open the Walmart bag only to find a beautiful silver bracelet. It looks like bracelet you’ve been dreaming of. It feels like the bracelet that’s kept you up at night and would go with every item of clothing you own. But, could it be? This bracelet claims to be from Tiffany’s; it claims to be $600; it claims to be an overwhelmingly thoughtful gesture from the man of your dreams. But it just doesn’t seem like the real deal. What’s missing?

The brand.

Can you really appreciate a Tiffany’s bracelet if it doesn’t come in a Tiffany blue box with a Tiffany white bow?

Don’t get me wrong here–it’s what’s inside that matters. It really is. What your business makes or distributes or provides is the meat. But, if you don’t package the meat to look expensive, exclusive, and professional, then it might just look like it came in a Walmart grocery bag and your customers might go to a butcher where they put meat in a Tiffany blue box. Ok, we’re getting off track here, but you get the picture.

Here’s how we brand a business from a design perspective: we make you look professional. Even on the days when you don’t feel professional, when you question your abilities as an entrepreneur, or when you consider throwing in the towel. If you’ve still got a top-notch brand and consistent look, your customers purchase from you because they know you’re awesome and they don’t even know about those dark days when you’re tempted to quit.

Here’s a secret: when you have a solid brand behind your business, your clients don’t know about the chaos behind the scenes…they only know how professional your image appears to be. Branding your business through graphic design is like wearing your best pair of jeans every. single. day. Your butt looks great all year long, even if you’re having a bad hair day. Know what I mean?

You’ll feel more confident when your brand has a look you’re proud of. I’ve branded over 100 businesses and I’ve seen it happen time and time ago. Brands seem to magically “take off” when business owners invest the time, effort, and money into hiring a professional for some guidance on their branding.

While I have some restrictions in the number of revisions I offer in the logo design process, here’s what I can promise you.

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