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Your logo is often the first image people will see when they stumble upon your business. What kind of impression does it leave? Will they remember it? When they see your logo, will they automatically connect it with your company and the services you offer? A solid logo design should always be theses five things: 1. simple, 2. unique, 3. authentic, 4. memorable, and 5. timeless.

  1. The simpler your logo is, the easier and more effective it is to use across all of your branding materials. You’ll be using your logo on your website, social media, business cards, letterhead, envelopes, stationery, and a storefront sign. That’s a lot of different shapes and sizes to work with! You can always jazz it up later with an extra swirl or an additional color, but having the bare bones of your logo be simple will turn it into the most effective branding piece of your company.
  2. Your logo should reflect the uniqueness of your business. No one does what you do and no one does things the way you do them. Your logo should be the same. It should have personality and spunk, while maintaining professionalism. For this reason, I always encourage clients to pursue a custom logo design, over a premade option.
  3. An authentic logo represents the heart and soul of a company. It sends the message, “This is what we’re doing to serve you.” Make sense? There is a lot of thought and heart that goes into a gorgeous logo design.
  4. When customers and clients hear your business name, they should be able to clearly picture your logo. And vice versa. The two should be nearly inseparable. Your logo represents your business name and everything you do.
  5. Your logo should be timeless. It’s tempting to choose a trendy design for that very reason…it’s trendy. We love whatever is in style. The important thing to remember is that it is almost a guarantee that that style won’t be considered “stylish” in five years. Zebra print and chevron stripes are all fine and dandy on a silk blouse, but using them in your logo design may be something you’ll regret later on. It’s important to choose a simple design and color scheme that will stand the test of time.

Even better than a custom logo is a complete package from Chynna Hansen Designs. Whether you’re looking for a complete rebrand or just starting out on your new business venture, a branding package is a more comprehensive and thoughtful way to help make your business stand out.

Maybe you’re interested in a premade logo concept for your business? You can check those out here. Here are some examples of the premade logos you’ll find in my shop. Most premade logos are under $30.

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